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Daily Devotion
Daily Devotion

Claude Wesley Thomas • January 16, 2021

Church, , a better day is on the way.

Verse of the Day, January 16, 2021 

Jeremiah 30:17 CSB "But I will bring you health and will heal you of your wounds- this is the LORD's declaration- for they call you Outcast, Zion whom no one cares about."

Israel, God’s people, had trusted in policies, piety, political allies, and people, or made hasty decisions in fear of plagues (sickness). The problem with idols (anything or anyone we trust more than God) is that they promise us freedom from our situation, but giving them power always results in more oppression. Israel learned this lesson the hard way (exile: separated from God’s care). When God told Jeremiah to write all the words I have spoken to you in a book, Israel had lost all hope of freedom, and had no medication for healing (30:12–17; Jeremiah Study Bible). 

Biblical sidebar: we must understand true freedom is the power of self-determination to worship and serve God, His will and plan, without restriction (Exodus 4:23, 5:1, 3, 7:16; Jeremiah 30:9). The secret to gaining freedom, from oppression, is repenting of idolatry, returning to God, and trusting God to deliver and heal us. God promised Israel: “It shall come about on that day,’ declares the Lord of hosts (heaven’s armies), ‘that I will (God himself) break his (those people and things oppressing God’s people) yoke from their (our) neck and will tear off their bonds; and strangers (those who do not know, worship, nor serve God) will no longer make them (God’s people) their slaves (Jeremiah 30:8).

Today may look hopeless, but a better day is on the way. We may think the world (people, political opposition, godless policies, and ungodly piety, etc.) is devouring us, but God says He will devour the enemies, who are attempting to devour us (Jeremiah 30:16). Our pain and injury may seem incurable, however, God promises “I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds . . . because they have called you an outcast (ignorant of cultural relevance), saying; it is Zion (God’s holy city of HIs holy People); no one cares for her (30:17). A better day is on the way, because God cares for all those who trust Him and seek to worship and serve Him ((30:9).

Lord Jesus, although things seems hopeless some days, Your Word teaches me to look for the better day that’s on the way. I know God will devour my enemies and restore my spiritual and physical health. Holy Spirit, I pray, do not let me forget (leads to spiritual exile) why God will deliver and heal me. Lord Jesus, God saved, saves, and will save me, so that I shall serve the Lord my God and my king, whom He raised up to lead me into better days (Jeremiah 30:9). Jesus, thank you for entering into my situation, taking the pain of my iniquity, dying to ransom my freedom, and being resurrected 3 days later, so I can live and hope in better days. Lord Jesus, my worst days with you, as my King, have always been better than my best days without You. Today, I choose to live for the better days that are on the way, instead of complaining about the oppression and pains of today. In Jesus name, amen.

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Pastor Wesley Thomas serves as senior pastor. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and Pastoral Ministry from the College at Southeastern, and a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Pastor Wes currently pursues A Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching, from SEBTS.