July 20, 2021 Claude Wesley Thomas

Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion


Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Verse of the Day, July 20, 2021 

Psalm 92:13-14 CSB "Planted in the house of the LORD, they thrive in the courts of our God. [14] They will still bear fruit in old age, healthy and green . . ."

With age, we become content with the status quo. We become convinced our life can no longer make a difference. We are unwilling to accept the next generation's neglect of respect for God. However, we are so set in our way that we fail to trust God to use us in new ways. Psalm 92 reminds us God can teach old dogs new tricks (92:5–9).

The psalmist compares older faithful believers to a planted tree that continues to grow. Although the young seem to have all the strength and vitality, we too can thrive in the presence and worship of God. As a tree continued to flourish, we too can produce spiritual fruit. We are never too old for God to teach us new ways of using our experiences to testify to His righteousness.

Lord Jesus, Thank you for planting me like a tree. I trust you to keep strong, upright, and unmoved by the status quo (Life Application Bible). Please continually give this old dog a fresh outlook on using my past experiences of Your grace and goodness in my current circumstances. Use me to teach the next generation that fruitful faith is always a growing faith.

Lord, thank You for reminding me I am never too old to learn new ways to serve You. Lord, give me a teachable spirit to learn from my elders, proven ways to serve You with age. Lord, I trust you to provide the vitality "To declare that the Lord is upright; He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him" Psalm 92:15 (NASB95). Lord Jesus, In Jesus' name, amen.