Covenant Statement


Hunt Springs Church Covenant:

  • Having been led by the Spirit and receiving the gift of grace from God, we were convicted of our sin, have repented and submitted through faith with our heart and confessed with our mouth Jesus as Lord and Savior. Having been baptized, by emersion in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we do now pledge ourselves to God and to each other to engage in worship, learning, fellowship, serving, and evangelism as follows:
  • To commit to a daily time alone with God.
  • To protect the unity of the church by regarding others as more important than myself.
  • To avoid all aspects of gossiping.
  • To respect those called as leaders, because they are accountable for perfecting and equipping me for service to God in Christ Jesus.
  • To share the responsibility of being a witness to Christ, through sharing my testimony, praying regularly, inviting the unchurched to join us, and warmly welcoming all who enter.
  • To serve the church’s purpose, by discovering my gifts and talents, by developing a servant’s heart, while serving alongside our pastor.
  • To support the testimony of our church, by attending regularly, living a godly life, giving regularly, and getting involved in the church’s ministry.
  • To protect the church against false teaching, by committing to and following the Baptist Faith and Message of 2000.